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Pope Francis Calls For Equal Pay For Women: ‘Disparity Is Pure Scandal’

The wide gulf between wages for men and women is «pure scandal,» Pope Francis said on Wednesday.

«As Christians, we must become more demanding…[by] supporting with decision the right to equal retribution for equal work; disparity is a pure scandal,» he said.

The pope was speaking on divorce rates during his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square, according to Vatican Radio. He said the crisis of «broken marriage bonds» negatively affects young children and called for equal footing in a relationship to carry over into the workplace and society.

«The equality enjoyed by the spouses must produce new fruit–equal opportunities in the workplace; a new valuing of motherhood and fatherhood, and a greater appreciation for the openness of families to those most in need,” he said.

The Huffington Post (see full article here)

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