Walmart and eBay oppose shareholder resolutions to disclose gender pay gap

Investors have filed proposals that would – if approved – require eBay and Walmart to report any disparity between male and female pay. Will they succeed?


Online marketplace eBay has said it will oppose a shareholder proposal that would require it to disclose any gap in gender pay.

Arjuna Capital, a sustainable wealth management arm of investment adviserBaldwin Brothers, announced Thursday that it had filed the proposal, which requests that eBay publicly report the pay disparity between its male and female employees and set goals to close any gaps.

The company responded that it would oppose the resolution, which it said is not in the best interest of its stockholders, according to Natasha Lamb, Arjuna Capital’s director of equity research and shareholder engagement. Ebay did not respond to the Guardian’s requests for comment, but confirmed in the San Francisco Chronicle that it plans to oppose the proposal.

Women make up 42% of eBay’s employees and 28% of its leadership, according to diversity figures the company released last year as part of a flurry of diversity reporting among tech firms (starting with Google).

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